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23 février 2012 4 23 /02 /février /2012 10:24

famille francaise-1-copie-1There remains only the horror of the future statistics. Poverty, unemployment, insecurity, immigrants, homeless and Angela Merkel punishing the Chiefs of governements for their excessive social spending ... Our rests are just arithmetic poverty contours and social violence. And tomorrow, the negotiation by the riot, the last place of national deliberation.
The stories that framed normatively oppression have disappeared. Remain only statements lifeless, traces of the tragedy that can no longer take any form. The time is archaeological. And severe: the figure of the contemporary political history ? A caricature related to immobility of what remains. Sarko inset, the (f)RANCE of national insults, debating against Islam, a defective identity, rooted in stereotypes of modern communications, immobilized to the misery of contemporary political, which has stunted frantically horizon of this humanity we are not even. And some pictures brandished as a threat, caulked comments indigent who never exceed the raw data. Anything that lends itself to the construction of the great social story we need. The crowd made for the screen, not available. And no one worries the reversal french of the human gaze, once on the sky.
The world that we have become unclean. Do only things that float, which no longer have need of us.
France is no more. It lies on the ground. Fragmented, dislocated, experiencing one of its convulsions which it shameful secret. Prey to disorder intellectual, political, moral. Sarko inset. No other dream of throwing immigrants at sea.
The page turns, the page is turned, his dream of white hegemony is slowly reduced (f)Rance to the ignominious. Standing behind its walls, jaws clenched, fortress-like junk, stormed by black ants.
History turns the page, (f) Rance agrees on an infamous slope.
A world ever more spineless, leveled by hatred, disarming of hostility from each against all, opening the door wide for the "national" mess .
A country where personal ambition concludes that self-interest began. Why we cling to this wreck ?
Why not free ourselves from its paralyzing assumptions: Marine, Sarko ?
What prevents us from taking part in building a new world ?

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