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25 février 2012 6 25 /02 /février /2012 05:34
Why President Sarkozy was such vulgar? Any examples in our national history ... Not since the France of Vichy. And vulgarity will be the last world of this national sequence, coinciding with the end of Sarkozy power, that of a leader who has ceased to emphasize his ego, crediting the discredited, documenting a style swashbuckler, liar, and braggart. So the only question of interest today is the reason of such impropriety. The answer is contained implicitly in the work of Frederic Lordon (Capitalism, desire) : we live in a society of widespread concern, in which an unprecedented economic brutality arose. A real tyranny settled here-employment blackmail, blackmail-growth, "which finds its conditions of possibility in the new state economic structures" named financial wich appeared recently. A Capital fundamentally un-social : cash go where it yield the most, plunging the nation in a world of terror. The mechanisms of this financial capitalism are simple: finance does not care our labor force, now fungible. Asymmetry unprecedented affects the relations of production: the financial capital has always time to wait, even when the labor force comes into rebellion. In contrast, insecure employees is such that they can not engage the standoff. Violence lobbying on the labor Nation does not belong Fordism patterns, our enemy is not yet philosophical liberalism as we know so far, but neo-liberalism, which is certainly a worthy offspring. And under its, the fear is widespread, intensified. This power has created is unprecedented brutality. It has long simmered in the summations to seeing globalization as the salvation of our labor. But globalization was, in first, the death certificate of the People's concept (wich was a political concept), replaced by the notion of populations (which is a biological category). Supreme handling was to transforme the citizen in consumer. And with the discourse of free competition demanding ever more necessary relocations, free competition in the service of our dreams consumption wildest, something else happened: they closed business not because they were not profitable, but because they were reported and enough dividends to their shareholders that they might reinvest them elsewhere, form of cash available wildly, away from the Nation, picking up unprecedented gains, as capitalists themselves never dreamed...
French presidential vulgarity will thus reflects nothing but the new balance of power. The expression of an unprecedented permissiveness, forged in the minds of these new capitalists. And drunkenness which it testifies, his vulgar pathos is the expression of omnipotence feeling. Everything is possible. We can even lie shamelessly. I am the President and fuck you ... The expression is vulgar, certainly, but it is the exact situation of the current language of this power, which authorizes the presidential authority to practice the insult : the radicalization of political power is unprecedented in our history, and assures him impunity. And believe it, finance push his advantage throughout, as it will not encounter a resistance force equal to his own. This is perhaps where the problem will hurt: in France, now, the political power goes its end, even if this agonizing Fifth Republic is able to confiscate political game. For despite the complexity of forms of domination, stacking levels on each other in chains of dependencies, an architecture that perfectly describes Lordon in his essay, all this beautiful architecture remains sensitive to the ultimate disappointment of an electoral rout sign the disallowance in the camp of President must have the political power to operate uninhibited. Not far from Presidential, a great social and political earthquake is possible.
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